Framed. A new digital platform for interactive art
Some swear by them, others regard them as backlit wallpaper, but two new digital frame devices have got people talking 



Like meals in pill form and robot servants, our science fiction future was always supposed to come with funky moving electronic art framed on the wall. While digital frames jut never delivered the experience they promised, there is a buzz around two new devices. The Financial Times just reported on Paris brand Parrot who have launched their Parrot DIA designed by NoDesign, which has a pleasing lightbox feel.


On a larger scale, design blog Unbeige report on a new venture called Framed, which provides you with a 40 inch screen as a platform for photography, illustration, motion graphics, interactive art and possibly art forms that haven’t been invented yet (get your thinking caps). Unbeige speculate that this is a Netflix type platform for art. Perhaps there is a business in offering new digital art downloads each month? In the meantime, I’m off to eat my pill-size Tuna bagel.


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Thanks Unbeige


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