CREDIT: Hipstamatic Disposable Series


The company behind the popular Hipstamatic camera app, Synthetic Corp, has unveiled a new app that simulates the one-use disposable camera with a 24-exposure ‘digital roll of film’.


The new D-series allows a group of friends to share the same virtual roll of film. The first user selects the camera and invites friends to join. Invited photographers shoot with the app, each user seeing a shared shot count. Once all the exposures on the roll have been used, then, and only then, can invited users see the photos. A fun idea, no? A shared experience, and one that replicates the sense of surprise and delight you had in a pre-digital era of getting, all in one go, your holiday or party snaps back from the shop developed.


Holidays and parties were my first thought, but Mashable have a more left-field take on the new app: its potential use in documenting protests. ‘Let’s say you’re at a public rally you expect to get hot. You have a few friends on the ground, but want to make sure no matter what happens all of your photos make it out …  if you have your iPhone taken away or lose it, the photos are still safe.’


The Hipstamatic D-Series app is free, and available to download now.



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Promo video by Synthetic






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