The character Bane from next year’s Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, in viral campaign

Mysterious site leads fans to mysterious image from mysterious Batman movie


Viral campaigns often borrow their aesthetic from the genre of conspiracy and cults, and an early promo website for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is a textbook example. Wired magazine reports that the film’s new website, a black screen with some ominous chanting, contained a hidden message. Hours after being posted a fan on had run the chant through an audio program and guess what? The sound spectrum spelled out the hashtag #thefirerises. A number of conspiratorial leaps of logic and clicking on twitter messages later (a game worthy of The Riddler himself), leads fans to another part of the film’s website. By reposting the hashtag, fans reveal part of the image. Wired reports, “according to the login for those Twitter and Facebook posts, the mosaic image was compiled by Hashtag Art, which creates pictures by making each person’s profile pic a tile in the final product.” It’s a photo of actor Tom Hardy as the villain Bane. Ingenious. Only a truly diabolical mind could come up with such a scheme to get us primed and pumped for a film launching in July 2012.


The Dark Knight Rises

Thanks Wired


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