Photographers: Top left Walter Zerla, top right Markus Henttonen, bottom left Henglein and Steets, bottom right

Photographers in London, Munich, Copenhagen and New York met in October at our Creative workshops, for inspiration and to tap into new shoot opportunities

Planned before the merger of Cultura Creative and Image Source, workshops for Cultura Creative photographers were recently held in London, Munich, and Copenhagen, and at the last minute in New York for Image Source photographers to tie in with a US visit by members of Image Source senior management team. These included CEO Christina Vaughan and Group Creative Director Ashley Jouhar. Feedback from those attending has been overwhelmingly positive providing rich inspiration for future shoot plans.

The intention of each workshop is to inspire, and inform our photographers, to share market information and to focus on gaps and new shoot opportunities.

The creative team revisited a presentation from our March 2012 Workshop about the 5 key elements for successful imagery and demonstrated some recent productions by photographers who incorporated one or more of these elements in their images.

Looking more closely at the productions:

Jason Butcher created a research lab in his studio, the main focus of which was  ‘Varied ethnicity and age’.

Frank Van Delft looked at ‘Emotion and connection’ in a modern family setting.

Sigrid Gombert focused on ‘Authenticity and believability’ with positive reinforcements of disability through family moments.

Liam Norris produced a serious of high-end beauty images looking at ‘Saleable concepts’, specifically Beauty & Aging.

Stefan Schuetz tackled ‘Diversity in shoot approach’ and made the best use of his models, location and time, in one day.

Guest speakers included, Sophie Batterbury, Picture Editor for The Independent on Sunday, Thorsten Mansch, Art Buyer and Picture Researcher for ‘pixUneed‘ & Louise Dorthea Vind, The Chief Editor for People’s Press.

We also focused on a practical approach to brainstorming and introduced one of our newer collections, Cultura RM Travel.

We’ll continue to run these workshops with Image Source, so if you’re a signed photographer and missed out we look forward to seeing you at the next event! Details of these and how to access the previous presentations will be announced soon.


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