Berlin Wall parody of former Soviet Union and East German leaders kissing. Image Source
Street Artists in Berlin launch copyright case after images were reproduced 


The Guardian in London reports this morning of a court battle between Street Artists and Berlin city council concerning the reproduction of paintings on the Berlin Wall. The outdoors East Side Gallery is a 1.3 km section of the wall and when the council wanted to renovate it, artists had been offered €3,000 to reproduce their work. Many thought the fee wasn’t enough and were told that an urban renewal firm would whitewash the wall and hire someone to re-create their work. Some are unhappy at the whitewashing, while two artists, Carmen Leidner Heidrich (Niemandsland, No Man’s Land) and Hans Jürgen (Grosse Die Geburt der Kachinas, The Birth of Kachina) who had their work reproduced have launched a claim for intellectual property theft. A claim is due to be filed in court today over these significant copyright and artistic questions.


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