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Publishing powerhouse Condé Nast has opened its archives for a new exhibition, opening on the 15th June as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.

Viewers will be able to take another look at some of the most beautiful and iconic photographs taken over the past 100 years. The exhibition comprises 160 images and includes submissions by photographer’s such as David Bailey, Corinne Day, Edin Blumenfeld and Cecil Beaton.

On choosing the final images, Nathalie Herschdorfer, the exhibition’s creator said:

“I was looking at strong, powerful works which announced the mature work of these photographers…There is a Helmut Newton style, a David Bailey style, a Peter Lindberg style, a Miles Aldridge style. The works in the show announce the best of these styles. This is a walk through the 20th Century because looking at fashion images shows also the way that the society has changed and evolved. Each image tells a story and invites us to engage with it, but it also encapsulates something of the tastes, the aspirations and the dreams of its time.”

Herschdorfer was given the highly enviable job of scanning Conde Nast’s archives in New York, London, Paris and Milan to curate a selection of imagery that provides a detailed insight into a century of fashion photography.

Herschdorfer praised Condé Nast himself and said that the success of archive was built on the fact he had realised the potential of powerful imagery:

“Mr Condé Nast understood that a powerful cover would bring him more readers…The first Vogue covers are works of art. In the early Twenties, he realised what the photographic medium could bring to his magazines. He was a man of his time and was looking ahead. He wanted to work with people who were talented artists and not necessarily good practicians. The vision of the photographer was recognised as a value, then the photographer was asked to adapt it to the magazine’s needs.”

Coming Into Fashion: A Century Of Photography at Conde Nast is open from June 15 until September 8 at Edinburgh City Art Centre.


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