Frank Montero Collado Frank, 1920
Cortesía: Galería López Quiroga, México DF

Frank Montero Collado gets his first major show at Photo Espana alongside iconic portrait photographers. But Collado was born in the 19th Century

The 14th Photo Espana is underway in Madrid including a major exhibition of portrait photography, 1000 Faces/ 0 Faces/ 1 Face. Cindy Sherman, Thomas Ruff, Frank Montero
 Collado, If you don’t recognize the last name, don’t worry you’re not alone. Frank Montero
Collado is a complete unknown. Montero, a Mexican born in the 19th century took his own self-portraits at various points in his life, in his various roles and jobs, sometimes real, sometimes fictional. 


(Untitled (ABCDE), 1975 / 1985 © Cindy Sherman / SAMMLUNG VERBUND, Vienna)

Interesting juxtaposition with Sherman who plays dress-up in a variety of different roles and characters. We recently noted the attention given to the work Vivian Maeir, and it’s clear that with the rise of Flickr, Instagram and other photo-sharing sites, critics are revising the history of photography through re-assessing the work of previously unrated photography.


View our interview of Brett Jefferson-Stott on the London Street Photography festival exhibition of Vivan Maeir’s work here



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