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Soaring popularity of fashion website Polyvore points to consumer desire to pick and mix their own image


The Fashion Industry has seen the rise of outsiders, those beyond the traditional fashion world circle shaping tastes and trends. Like Tavi Gevinson who began writing her influential fashion blog stylerookie when she was 11.



It’s no surprise that Polyvore, the website that enables users to create fashion collages from clothes gathered from different online shops, is currently attracting 10 million users a month. That makes it the most visited fashion website.


GigaOM interviewed Co-Founder Jess Lee who explained, “From an engineering standpoint, it’s almost like building a game. Our community is very engaged, and very addicted.” It seems the gaming trend (gamification) has taken over the fashion world, and odd it has taken this long, fashion has always been about playing dress up.




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