Richard Phibbs Photographs for The Humane Society of New York
Photographs by a top fashion and celebrity photographer may help provide animals living in a shelter with a home and family

Papermag magazine highlight the power of the photo to inspire generosity, with their story on photographer Richard Phibbs who has shot a photoset of glamorous ‘Supermodel’ animals for The Humane Society of New York.


They’re not really A-List, celebrity cats and dogs (and a bunny rabbit!),  just ordinary animals down on their luck, needing adoption by humans. So why go to the trouble of shooting them in bow-ties, flat-caps and neckerchiefs?


The inspiration for this photoshoot, according to Papermag’s Elizabeth Thompson, began in September with an item on CBS news about Dallas photographer Teresa Berg who gives her skills to animal shelters after discovering that badly shot, badly lit images of animals in their cages made it difficult for these animals to find homes.  When Berg shot some cool images, adoptions went up 100%


The team at Papermag drew Richard Phibbs’ attention to the story and before you could say “Cute Shoot”, the portraits were done, and are up on the The Humane Society of New York’s Facebook page.


Anyone needing a story full of the spirit of Christmas should have a look at the Humane Society’s website who do inspirational work all the year round: from providing affordable veterinary care for dog and cat owners who would otherwise be stuck; through to an adoption service; and to providing broader social functions, they recently welcomed visitors from Tuesday’s Children, an organization reaching out to children who lost parents on 9/11.


Meanwhile anyone interested in providing a good home for any of the pets featured on the facebook page just click on the link to petfinder at the bottom of the portrait.




For more info on The Humane Society of New York



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