From Joseph Maida and Katie Murray’s show, Picture Consequences
Photos are radically transforming not just how we converse with each other but how we think. A new show in New York highlights the change photography is making to our relationships

The rapid rise of Instagram, Twitpic and Color suggests that the language of the future is not talking ‘with’ pictures, but talking ‘in’ pictures. Photography and video artists Joseph Maida and Katie Murray’s new show, Picture Consequences showing in The Homefront Gallery, Long Island City, is a conversation conducted entirely through photographs.


Over a period of 90 days they sent a photograph to each to which the other responded, and one of their rules demanded there would be no verbal or written conversation about the photographs.


From Joseph Maida and Katie Murray’s show Picture Consequences


Maida and Murray have had their work reviewed or featured in publications such as The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine and W magazine, and they note that the project was driven by a belief in “the power of photographic pictures as potent language, metaphor, riddle, and game.”


They use a mix of their own photos and images they have in their archive. The conversation is engaging and funny, but most of all each image is like landing on someone else’s thought. Whereas words, normal conversations are linear, pictures take off in lots of different directions, prick your memory in very individual ways. Picture Consequences is a reminder that this age of image sharing we have really only just begun to explore how subtly and deeply photos are changing how we converse with each other.


From Joseph Maida and Katie Murray’s show Picture Consequences


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