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Alec Soth’s Gathered Leaves Talk

The Image Source creative team and I went to the The Media Space’s talk by Alec Soth at The Science Museum last night, to get insights into his working practices, influences and the push and pull of Documentary, Art and Commerce in his imagery. The talk launched his retrospective called Gathered Leaves, which curates chronologically his four […]

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The Age of Hard and Soft: Technology humanised.

1. Point of View A distinctive point of view draws the viewer in – the caught moment and emotions feel recognisable and human. We connect with these experiences and instinctively react to them. Partly due to Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat and so on, there is a consumer hunger for point-of-view photography and customers relate to this approach because it makes them feel […]

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The Age of Hard and Soft: The Muted Colour Palette

Have you noticed the sudden wave in muted colour palettes? OK more of a modest shrug and nod. Art Director Sarah Perkins explains the drivers behind this trend and what it means for brands When did ‘muted’ colour become ‘a thing’ And why? At one level it’s another line of visual thinking working with the idea of ‘authenticity’. […]

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The Age of Hard and Soft: Creative Review Craft and Tech

The November issue of Creative Review samples the ongoing craft trend, looking at creatives striking out into new areas Our readers will have kept track of the ‘Craft’ trend in image-making and usage as we explored Provenance over the last year, so it was great to see the November issue of Creative Review investigating some great examples […]

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The Age of Hard and Soft

We’ve entered a dramatically different relationship with technology, an age where machines talk to each other, where we’re developing new rituals and routines and where advertisers and brands tell stories about the soft benefits of hard technology. And it will change our relationship to images. Welcome to the Age of Hard and Soft The conversation […]

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Five Ways In Which Illustration Is Used In Effective Communication

The surge in popularity in illustration began in the mid 1990s, taking people to magical places. We explore some of the benchmark moments and look at the most popular ways illustration is used for effective communication It’s the month that Lawrence Zeegen and Caroline Roberts’ epic Fifty Years of Illustration gets published by Lawrence King, a […]

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