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Sara, Peter, Tobias: The Merge

WHO? The Copenhagen collective of Sara Brincher Galbiati, Peter Helles Eriksen, and Tobias Selnaes Markussen, 3 years on since their initial debut project ‘Phenomena‘ and now winners of the BJP International Photography award of 2018 present their work at TJ. Boulting. WHAT? The Merge – imagery to question our reality; parallel worlds; technology in disguise; […]

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Alex Prager: Silver Lake Drive

WHO? Self taught photographer and filmmaker Alex Prager, inspired by the drama and allure of Americana paints a playful cinematic world that masks the unease in everyday life. WHAT? Silver Lake Drive; a curation of photographs and footage at the Photographers Gallery, London. I also snuck out to see Alex Prager in discussion at the […]

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Lee Bul: Crashing

I visited the The Hayward Gallery here in London to see the takeover and celebration of over 30 years of work by the artist Lee Bul. Sci-fi, Philosophy and Karaoke Pods Alluring to the fantasy of a world born of egalitarianism; her work questions societies patricidal governance and the undervalued role of women. You’ll be […]

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Test Pattern> Everything at Once

The Vinyl Factory’s curation of audio-visual immersive pieces at 180 The Strand each send their own message, of intrigue, of retrospection and of broadening the mind. Our first look is at the A/V artwork of Ryoki Ikeda – Test Pattern. Immerse yourself in the steady beat of Ikeda’s monochrome lit world. An intense yet dream […]

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Alec Soth: Sleeping by The Mississippi

A brand new MACK edition of Sleeping by The Mississippi launched Alec Soth’s first exhibition in London dedicated to the series at the Beetles+Huxley gallery in Piccadilly last week. The new edition of the book includes two new photographs that were not included in the previous versions. I went along to see the images – […]

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Gregory Crewdson’s Cathedral of the Pines

I visited Gregory Crewdson’s Cathedral of the Pines exhibition at The Photographer’s Gallery here in London. It is impressively staged over three whole floors of the gallery and doesn’t disappoint in its unsettling, painterly beauty. The word that keeps coming to mind when viewing this series of images is ‘Trapped’. Either physically in a room […]

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The World’s Local Heroes

The ‘Local Hero’ brief we put out last year has resulted in some great, saleable, truthful imagery. The brief was designed to inspire photographers to shoot a diverse range of small businesses local to them, celebrating the differences between cities, countries, cultures, ethnicities, dress and locations. For instance, an image of a street food seller […]

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Alec Soth’s Gathered Leaves Talk

The Image Source creative team and I went to the The Media Space’s talk by Alec Soth at The Science Museum last night, to get insights into his working practices, influences and the push and pull of Documentary, Art and Commerce in his imagery. The talk launched his retrospective called Gathered Leaves, which curates chronologically his four […]

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The Age of Hard and Soft: Mirrorcity Exhibition at the Hayward

What can we learn from the compelling and strange Mirrorcity exhibition at the Hayward Gallery London, a show exploring the relationship of the physical and the digital Who Over 20 Artists or Artist groups including collage artist John Stezaker (below), tech/internet artist group LuckyPDF and Ursula Mayer whose film and installation is a hypnotic, mythic piece […]

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