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Shutterlog Project
Forget about the quality of the image your camera takes, as this hypnotic camera project shows, it’s the sound of the click that matters

What is it about the sound of the camera click that makes taking pictures so satisfying? Shutterlog (a collaboration between two young guys, Mijonju and Cameron Lew) a project with a cult following has created a remix video from user-submitted footage of people clicking their camera.


A bizarre and compelling project for those with a fetish for the camera click, Shutterlog have tapped into the sensuous association of the click with the image.  Check out these user responses, Ellentwig with Burt Bacharach’s Look of Love playing in the background and Liang Chun’s industrial-sounding Polaroid snap. And which of your cameras has had the most satisfying, interesting or intriguing click?


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