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Advertisers selling male grooming products have decided that Metrosexual Man looked good on paper but…what a shocking bore! Say hello to Mad “Mike” of dollarshaveclub.com, the Not-Roger Federer of male shaving

At some point in the last couple of years those advertising male grooming and cosmetics products have looked at themselves in the mirror in the morning and seen…Well that’s hard to say exactly, after the bathroom surrealism of Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice man. What’s easy to say is that the image of Metrosexual man has fallen off the radar.

It seems that what men want is a bit of chaos, the mad bravado of Isaiah Mustafa’s jump cuts and now there’s “Mike” founder of dollarshaveclub.com who’s taken a leaf from Isaiah’s playbook – talk directly to camera; walk at camera so the viewer feels off balance; mock the advertising format by throwing in some stuff off camera.

“Mike” gets to have some fun with Gillette’s ads, boasting of his Tennis skills, and even takes aim at the sacred cow of shaving – the pavlovian response of the male psyche to new shavers with more blades, bigger blades, handles that vibrate,  shavers that buy you beer and laugh at your jokes (trust us, we’ve seen plans). “Real” men so the pitch goes, don’t need souped-up shavers to prove their masculinity. The ad also pokes fun at the digital entrepreneur’s bible of the moment The Lean Startup (look at the book in the hands of the man who’s head is being shaved) .

There was always debate about the extent to which Metrosexual Man was a marketing pitch more than a genuine descriptor of a shift in ideas around masculinity. Isaiah Mustafa and Mike are Mock-Jocks, amplifying male bravado so it becomes charmingly ridiculous, “Jocks” spun out, high on their own testosterone.

What isn’t in doubt is that in the age of viral, in a shave-off between Metrosexual Man and mad “Mike, there will only be one winner.

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