Produced by AA Publishing: Red Squirrel Peering Around Pine Tree, Neil McIntyre

The book of The British Wildlife Photography Awards features some unnaturally great imagery of the natural world

If you can’t get to see the British Wildlife Photography Awards at the Mall Galleries in London, you can treat yourself to the Book of the awards.  Featuring all of the winners, and the Highly Commended, the book covers a variety of themes from Animal Portraits to Habitat to Wildlife In My Backyard.

Over the next few weeks we will be talking to photographers and experts involved in the competition (including our own Christina Vaughan on the panel of Judges) about the directions in Wildlife Photography, reflecting on some of the themes and trends driving this year’s competition.

In the meantime check out the work of some of those photographers featured in this book of wildlife wonders.

British Wildlife Photography 2012 Awards Book is available from AA publishing

The Overral Winning Image: Gannett Jacuzzi, by Dr Matt Doggett

“I like this image,” says Matt, “as almost every stage of the action is captured. – gannets entering the water, gannets eyeing up the fish, gannets taking the fish, gannets eating the fish and then finally leaving.”

Wildlife In My Backyard Winner: Wasp House Cleaning From A Next In A Cavity Wall, David Thomas Handley

“…the nest was high on the wall so I had to use a small set of stepladders. My courage lasted about 20 minutes before deserting me.” David Thomas Handley

British Seasons Winner: Winter Hare, Jules Cox

[Bottom Image] “A mountain hare at rest, perfectly camouflaged in its pure white winter pelage.” Jules Cox.

Animal Behaviour Winner: Amanda Hayes

“…a puffin landed and a herring gull grabbed the back of the puffin’s neck, lifting it high off the ground…Fortunately for the puffin, it wriggled free…” Amanda Hayes.


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