It’s Nice That


Bridget Collins. A Brooklyn-based photographer, originally from Minnesota who graduated from Pratt Institute in May 2013.  She has shot commissioned work for Vice and AnOther Magazine.


“Olly Olly Oxen Free”

Bridget told IMSO:

“The photos in Olly Olly Oxen Free came from a place where I was feeling very disconnected with the world, a bit lost in my own head.  I had previously been photographing people in these sort of fantasy scenarios, making my friends pose as models or do weird things.  I started to feel like that way of working was very insincere.  So I began working by myself, trying to forge a more viable connection with the world.  I started thinking about the three different variables that make up our environment.  First there is a person’s inner world, the thoughts and emotions that colour your experience.  Then there is the world of human artefacts, the objects and spaces other people have created that dominate our environment.  Lastly, there is the natural environment, or everything surrounding you that wasn’t created by another human.  This work was really the process of trying to connect all three.”


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