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BBH London
In the pantheon of ads pitched at families, the latest ad for UK breakfast cereal Weetabix  already merits inclusion in a Hall of Fame. The boasting one-upmanship about how difficult life echoes a classic Monty Python sketch

Sharing a moan around the breakfast table is one of the great pleasures of family life and BBH London’s new ad is a model of comedic exaggeration as each family member attempts to outdo the other in pitching just how difficult their average day is.  Eating the cereal is a help of course, but the punchline by the Baby trumps everything else. The ad rings true because the BBH team capture  family life often functions on the edge of chaos.


Aficionados will place the ad in a comedy tradition that includes the classic Monty Python sketch The Four Yorkshireman in which four now-wealthy businessmen reflect back on their origins, outbidding each other in the degree of impoverishment. The Python version of this sketch also has an antecedent.


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13JK5kChbRw’]


There is probably a slew of awards on the way to BBH. Back in my day we never had awards, the jury used to hurl insults at us…Insults! Insults were a luxury, I would have sold my back teeth for an insult…




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