Shhh! It’s Ford

In remarkable twist on branding and imagery, a new ad for a major car manufacturer highlights the qualities of the car, hiding the logo. And goes viral

A new ad by Ford, yes it was them, raises some interesting questions about the relationship between product, image, and branding.

The “Go Further” campaign theme takes the place of the branding as the advertisers try and shock viewers by showing an ad without logos. Jim Farley, Ford’s Group VP, of marketing sales and service told Ad Age, “these consumers have blinders up when they see a Ford logo, so we have to do something that’s disruptive and unexpected from a car company if we expect to get noticed by them.”

As we write, the YouTube ad has 1.2 million views for a laudable 1 minute promo but whose main attraction is the absence of Branding?! Silence it seems speaks louder than logos.


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