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A photographic portrait was an effective sales pitch for the hoax blogger posing as a Gay Girl in Damascus. We wondered what kinds of portraits would prove effective tools for other bloggers. The image above  is a portrait of the cutest blogger…ever


When the mystery of the missing Gay Girl in Damascus, was revealed to be a story about American straight guy Tom McMaster, it was clear that one key element of the story was the effectiveness of photography in selling the idea of the Gay blogger.



The choice of an attractive western-looking potentially Iranian woman image helped give the 40-year-old PhD student a great following… and then gave him away. Because he had take real person’s pic. However, it served a very powerful role for quite some time – attracting a highly emotional following, even the makings of a virtual love affair.


It got us thinking about what kinds of portrait pictures would fit with other blogs trying to attract an audience and pin down their unique message.



The Tea Party Blogger


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Attractive, imaginative, taking the edges off some spikier opinions. This is a political blogger who knows how to have fun! Anyone who doesn’t like cake is unpatriotic.



The Design Blogger


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It was once all asymmetric haircuts now it’s all beards among the design cognoscenti. This is the portrait of a design blogger whose tough straight-talking views on graphic-design are tattooed each day all over his body. “Die Helvetica! Die!”


The Advertising Blogger


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In advertising gone are the days of sleepless nights mulling a brief and the long liquid lunches, Don Draper is the ghost of Christmas Past. The digital age has thrown advertising into the age of numbers, of metrics, of systems that measure, quantify and customize. So when we visit the ad agency we want science, data, electronic consumer tracking. And if possible lab-coats.



The Science Blogger


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In the UK, the pop star turned “Pin-up Professor”, Brian Cox has changed the image of science through his appearances on the BBC.  There is a Hipster Science blog that would benefit from an image of someone who knows the physics of blowing bubble gum.


The IMSO Editor


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Our backroom science team have analyzed the data and discovered that holding a small dog softens the intellectual pretensions of men who insist that ruffled peach colored shirts are a comment on post-modern power dressing.  Must remember to iron the ruffles.

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