Credit: Jorg Rothhaar

The photographers creating a buzz on the blogs. Jorg Rothhaar tells us the story behind his sci-fi shoot for a streetwear brand


IMSO  surveys the influential blogs and talks to the photographers people are talking about. This issue, German photographer Jörg Rothhaar whose clients include Adidas, Holsten and Visa.



IMSO: Could you tell us about your background?


Jörg Rothhaar: From the second day of my internship at a professional photographer I knew, that this is, what I wanted to do. Thankfully that feeling never faded. To get the best education I decided to study photography and design. I used this time to look at all photo books I could get, and there have been a lot of them at the school I studied. I was very much into fashion photography those days. To earn the money for the school I started to work as a professional photographer soon and therefore rented a fully equipped studio of a friend of mine. This is how i started, as a advertising photographer on the countryside, and with my move to Düsseldorf and later to Hamburg I got more and more precise in my work.



IMSO: Could you tell us about this project?


Jörg Rothhaar: I wanted to tell a story similar to a standard horror plot like: “In the laboratory of a scientist, somethings goes wrong…” We combined a classical HERO with a so to say BADGUY and a set, combining historical scientific props with CGI science fiction screens similar to the ones in IRON MAN II. With the help of a wonderful stylist and great CGI and Postproduction guys we produced this wonderful story for an international streetwear magazine.



IMSO: What excited you most about the results?


Jörg Rothhaar: It worked! That it is now possible to use tools which 5 years ago only Hollywood Productions had access to, makes me happy and makes me think about the great photos which we can do now and would have been impossible to create a few years ago.
















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