[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VhI55LCfUQ’]
Art Direction, Lloyd & Co. Photography /Video Direction, Collier Schorr. Landscape photography David Benjamin Sherry.
“Beneath, Between, Beyond” is the new mood movie for the Adidas Y3 Autumn/Winter collection. The visual landscape this Fall will be driven by “escape”

While the Adidas/Yohji Yamamoto Y3 collaboration was dark and moody in its Spring Summer collection, it’s Autumn/Winter collection is “inspired by the nature of escape-on horseback, on foot, and into the hills.”


The images were created by  Collier Schorr, an artist who plays with images of masculinity, which looking at the models it seems like she is doing here. The landscapes were shot by photographer David Benjamin Sherry.  Autumn/Winter is looking rugged and futuristic, natural and filtered, and Tartan, scarves and haircuts that echo Spandau Ballet. Escape? Escape to the 80s.


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