Vintage magazine from the selection sold by Horsechap

In the first of a regular series looking at the stories behind the eBay auctions, we look at a collection of Vintage magazines. We contacted the seller “Horsechap” who reveals a Hollywood connection


I bought these books as part of a large lot of photograph books and supplies from the estate of Frances Parker who was a well-known photographer in Hollywood. The estate included a large number of autographed photos of different movie stars from the 1940s, 50s and 60s that their studio had taken. Evidently Frances Parker had retired to Bedford County, VA and recently died so they were selling off the estate.

I love to look at old magazines and photographs so have enjoyed looking through these as well as other things I have up for sale. Definitely the best of the items I have up for sale is 100 pictures of Niagara Falls (see other listings) which includes great anecdotes about the Falls and Buffalo, NY including a great description of the hotel parking garage that includes gasoline and oil available on every floor! Wow! Things have changed….

Attached are some photos from Photography of Nature and Wild Life which has some great photos of how to make figures using vegetables. I know that some present day photographers have done this but I didn’t realize that this was common 50 years ago too. And they did a great job!


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