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Buried in the Google Newspaper archive, a US Government official reports how the Swiss stole a march in use of photography


The fascinating Google Newspaper archive features a The New York Times story from December 192o, around comments from Thornwell Hayes, US Consul in Berne. Hayes reports just how good the Swiss are at using photography in advertsing. Chocolate manufacturers and Watchmakers are particularly good at using imagery inventive ways, not just showing the product or giving information,


Hayes made his comments in a report to the US Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Significantly, the Times says “Mr Haynes’s report goes on to state that the Swiss have learned more thoroughly that the American manufacturers and sellers that no amount of expertly written description can tell the sales story so well as a good photograph, no matter what the merchandise may be.” One can only imagine what Mr Hayes’ equivalent said about Swiss typography 30 years later.


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