Introducing Rando
Introducing Rando

A new iOS app that offers a surprising new direction for trends in mobile photo-sharing caught our eye. Alex Boniface gives the low-down on the latest app craze to sweep the image-conscious community.

At IMSO, we keep an keen eye on emerging trends in photography culture. Something that has caught our eye recently is the emergence of a new photo-sharing app, Rando.

Until now, photo-sharing apps have had to place themselves in two distinct camps; the uber-social or the uber-secret. Services like Instagram, where users like and comment everything they see to their hearts content are distinctly contrasted by applications like Snapchat, where photos are only shared between two parties and after being viewed for a number of seconds, self-destruct.

Ustwo’s new iOS app Rando has carved itself out a niche in this increasingly complicated, social world. Rando users do ‘share’ their photos, however what sets this app apart is the fact that you do not know who you are sharing them with. Forget likes, comments and favourites, Ustwo wants to remove the ‘social’ in ‘social media’ to see how users react.

Remember the golden age of film when you would receive images back from the lab? Remember how sometimes you ended up with someone elses pictures, as if you had a ‘completely unexpected peephole view into someone else’s life?’ Rando seeks to recreate that situation in the digital format, and the ‘peephole aesthetic’ is propagated by the design choice to frame all of the images within circles.

A 'Rando'

Rando has been criticised for this voyeuristic approach, and some have gone on to argue that the app will follow the road of Snapchat, an iOS app currently embroiled in a teen sexting crisis that is threatening to shut the company down. However the developers have implemented certain safeguards to try and prevent fate turning an unfortunate course; to receive a Rando you must send one, and if you were to ever receive anything inappropriate it can be flagged.

We’ll be following this article up with our own Rando moments!


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