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Lindsay Lohan in ad for Beezid.com

Lindsay Lohan is under house arrest but it hasn’t stopped her doing an advert for an internet auction site. We wondered what other products the Home Arrestee might be a brand ambassador for.


Just because you’re under house arrest in a $2.25 million home in Venice Beach California doesn’t mean you can’t earn a buck at the same time. Lindsay Lohan, increasingly as famous for her electronic monitoring bracelet as she is for her fashion style, is keeping cash coming in and her image out in public by appearing in a 15 second ad for internet auction site Beezid.com. “I just wanted to share with you that during some of my time at home, I found this amazing site with great deals: It’s called Beezid.com,” says Lohan. 


Lohan was under house arrest for violating probation on a 2007 drunken driving case by “taking a necklace without permission.” Sources say she was initially offered $25,000 for the Beezid.com the ad but turned it down before the company came back with an additional offer of credit to use on the auction site. She is currently appearing in the Venice Biennale in Richard Phillips’ film portrait of her.


Lohan joins a list of celebrities such as Roman Polanski, Paris Hilton and Martha Stewart who have been kept under house arrest but Lohan has also been creative enough to seize a commercial opportunity. Beezid.com seems like the perfect partner for a celebrity under house arrest to lend her image to, and we wondered what kinds of advertising imagery would sit with your hard-earned experience in the pokey. We’d like to hear your suggestions but here’s some ideas for starters.






Image Source/Food Collection




“Home Delivery Pizza: Try the Home Arrest Meal Deal Combo. Plead guilty and get extra helpings of Humble Pie.”




Image Source/Blend Images



“Ankle Bracelets: Jewellery and Security”




Image Source/Blend Visuals



“Another quiet evening eating dinner alone? Dinner is never dull with the Acme Ventriloquist Dummy. For arresting dinner party conversation. ”




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“Every freelancer, homeworker and home-arrestee knows the joys of ultra casual-wear. Pajamas! Just Do It! Or rather just don’t. Who cares about getting dressed, no one’s going to see you in anyway.”


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