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Cole & Weber for Tree Top. Directed by Everynone

There’s nothing more emotionally affecting than looking back. Except looking back at childhood which makes nostalgia feel cute. A double jackpot for  apple juice brand Tree Top

People aren’t just going bananas (sorry for mixed fruit metaphor) over Tree Top apple juice’s first TV Ad in 30 years. The audible “wow” is partly because it it’s one of those pieces that visually pulls at the heartstrings. It’s shot like a documentary while featuring benchmark moments from childhood all the more affecting for their random pleasures, like shouting in a tunnel to hear your echo.

There is a “kids” trend at the moment (see our recent shoot The Game) that is partly about advertisers wanting imagery that has a feel of looking back at a ‘simpler’ world, with fewer ‘rules’. This Tree Top spot is called “cool” – but it’s anything but cool. It’s “Hot”, pushing buttons around childhood memory. As far as selling apple juice, the says that we take it for granted, and need to look at it with a sense of wonder, just like we did when we were kids.

Cole and Weber’s John Maxham, explained to Marketing Daily some of the rationale behind the campaign.  “There has been an onslaught of imported apples from China, and there has been kind of a race to the bottom in terms of promotion in the category. So Tree Top, being a Washington State apple grower, wanted to give the idea of the sense of ‘place’; that they are domestic and come from a small town and from family farmers who care about the land and what they do.”

Not so much rose-tinted glasses as apple-tinted, and who could argue with such a fine piece of retro film-making.


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