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Jimmy’s End Official Trailer

Photographer Mitch Jenkins and comic book writer Alan Moore collaborate on series of short films. There’s opportunity for photographers willing to turn their hand to ‘content’

Everyone is talking ‘content’, marketing managers, account managers, ‘digital strategists’, everyone it seems except the image-makers themselves, who actually have some insight into making content.

But photographer Mitch Jenkins and his friend, comic-book writer Alan Moore (The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) have taken it into their own hands. They are releasing a series of short movies, collectively titled, The Show

Act of Faith has just been released, with the trailer for the second film Jimmy’s End just out. The project is funded by The Creators Project, a collaboration between Vice magazine and Intel. Act of Faith is set in the English town of Northampton, and has light and shadow of film noir, the ominous red glow and disturbing, troubling, darkness of a David Lynch movie.

The lesson? There is it seems real opportunity for photographers to make more of their skills and creativity through providing content.

Click on image to see Act of Faith

Click to see Act of Faith by Mitch Jenkins and Alan Moore

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