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From cheap-looking-but-cool-because-of-it-cameras to cool-moves-without-looking-cool

1. Brown Cardboard Chic

That yes there are people working outside the box, who build the box, who break up the box, then kick it around then turn it into a camera. Now just how do I read the instructions….

Thanks itsnicethat

2. Pastoral America

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moisgkdejbA’]

And marketers believe that the way to sell America to tourists in 2012 is to look and sound pastoral.

3. Built-in Camera

That cameras need to scale up, get bigger, the only limit is the imagination of the person using it.

4. Images Imitating Movies

That the future of movies is their visual afterlife as photos. Life imitates art imitates obscure moments in cinema history.

5. Cool Moves

That hanging out with cool people means you don’t have to have cool moves 


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