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The Cannes Lions Festival is shortly upon us. Plan ahead with IMSO’s Top 10 guide to winning at Cannes. Number 1, Sight Gags

1 Visual Humour gets them every time. Judges speak many different first languages but they all get sight gags. 


2 The Big Idea. As David Ogilvy might have said, unless your advertising contains a Big Idea, it will pass like a hangover after a long night in The Gutter Bar. Have a Big Idea like Big Ideas used to be and push the buttons of Judges interested in protecting the value of Big Ideas, which they would like to think is their stock-in-trade.


3 The Hot Gimmick. Exploit the latest buzzword. Flash-mobs, QR Codes, Computer-Animation, Colour Film, the’ve all had their day. This year, expect some 3D ads to follow on from Avatar, etc… and take us back to the 1950s.


4 Have friends on the jury. You might not win, but it can’t be harmful, can it?


5 Keep your friends close and enemies closer. The creative from a rival agency who just stole your biggest client is heads the jury? Time to kiss and make-up. Buy drinks at the Majestic, tell them the rumors that you hired some street artists to decorate their offices was a joke and get on your cellphone fast.


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Keep your enemies close. Buy drinks. At worst, they’ll have the hangover from hell. Image Source


6 Enter a weaker category. Hard to find at Cannes, but Cleaning Products, Home Appliances, or Branding Middle East Dictators might be a good bet.


7  Bribe/Blackmail jurors by implicating them with a Brazilian Ladyboy on the Croisette. Strictly illegal, but if you do this remotely the chances are your country may not grant France an extradition as they are pretty poor on this themselves.


8 Advertise how good you are, like Melissa Leo (Advertising works! Sometimes). It’s your job. A subtle but persistent viral campaign throughout the creative community could even penetrate the remote world of Cannes jurors.


9 Use a famous director/photographer to shoot something as if they really think advertising is the greatest medium in the world.


10 Buy the advertising agency that has already created the ad everybody is talking about.


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