Image Source: Photographer Nadav Kander. See below

The Design and Art Director’s Association just sent out its Annual with a specially commissioned set of covers celebrating its 50th birthday, including a range of images by photographers such as Miles Aldridge and Nadav Kander.

Got my copy of the D&AD Annual in the post, brick-full of award-winning work. More surprising was the accompanying roll of ‘posters’, which actually turned out to be 50 specially commissioned covers celebrating 50 years of D&AD.

Each cover is designed to wrap around the annual with flaps.

For photographers exploring themes of ‘Celebration’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Creativity’, here’s how some of the stars of the creative industry took up the challenge. Here are 10 photo-based or photo-related pieces. In no particular order (covers shot with my iPhone).

1. Stephen Gill

Behind the glitz and the make-up, behind the advertising. One of Stephen Gill’s shots taken behind advertising hoardings, with the strapline, ‘L’Oreal Paris. Because your worth it.’

Stephen Gill

2. Nick Knight

My son went to a friend’s birthday recently, a paintball party. If hunky fashion models, or Abstract Expressionists went paintballing, it would look something like this Nick Knight image. Creativity as a bunch of guys splashing paint around.

Nick Knight

3. Miles Aldridge

Narrative composition from Miles Aldridge, with a model, colour palette and net curtains that all make you feel like someone needs cheering up. Getting ready for the party as ‘domestic soap’.

Miles Aldridge

4. Terry Gilliam

Photography collaged. And it’s filmmaker Terry Gilliam, how could we not show it? The Escher-like metropolis.  A celebration song from one of Gilliam’s strange, collaged human-machines, the nutty, creative idea escapes form the darkness…

Terry Gilliam

5. Paul Smith

A stitched together panorama of his studio? It must be Paul Smith’s, he is a cycling fanatic. 50 years of creative clutter? Out of chaos comes creativity?

Paul Smith

6. Rankin

He has been known to shoot naked women occasionally, and what better opportunity than a 50th anniversary than to photograph a model in her Birthday Suit?


7. David Bailey

Photographer David Bailey’s Pop Art image. Celebrating a double birthday? Dandad and the Rolling Stones?

David Bailey

8. Neal Dawson

Image by Photographer Neal Dawson of the England Rugby World Cup celebrating in 2003. Blokes and celebration.

Neal Dawson

9. Daniel Barber

Commercials and Film Director Daniel Barber’s ‘key to happiness’.

Daniel Barber

10. Nadav Kander

There is nothing more lonely that being lost for the creative idea that delivers the brief. Beautiful textures great drama between human and idea, or lack of one. Dark humour. Photographer Nadav Kander feels the pain.

Nadav Kander

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